Everyone is rockin' with  “The Rockin’ Real Estate Show” with Jeff Heller !

Jeff Heller is an on hands working Real Estate Broker with California Real Estate Associates, A Property Manager with Landmark Property Management and  Has an IT Backgound in Network and Operations for  his other company Accelerated Real Estate Schools !


Jeff's found a niche!  He reads up to date Real Estate Articles about the Market, Gives the Public information about the Real Estate Laws, The Foreclosures, Where to turn for Short Sales, and  Real Estate Licensing and Real Estate Jobs and where you can go find great deals.

The Southern California Real Estate Market is in for some changes ahead and Jeff  and his special guests of  Real Estate Professionals seem to have an insight to where things are going.

Jeff Heller is Broker Owner of  California Real Estate Associates 
His Qualifications include: 
           Licensed Real Estate Broker - Representing Buyers,  Sellers, and Investors
           Instructor For Real Estate Broker and Salesperson Licensing at Accelerated Real Estate Schools
           Real Estate Technology Expert

  Information Technology Expert

           Operations Manager
           Software Developer

           and a Rock -n- Roller!!!!

Jeff Heller brings his originality and  music and his real estate education  and working knowledge onto the Real Estate Show 

Please Call Jeff - If you have any questions on Real Estate Licensing, The California Real Estate Market and/or  Want to Sell your Home or Buy Real Estate even for Property management.


Need a Realtor? - Call  Jeff Heller @ 951-263-3841    visit website @  or
  or email


Check out: if like Rock -n- Roll MUSIC!!!


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